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Shona Joy Luxe Frill Tulip Hem Maxi Dress Garnet YMmnZqVnFH
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Go should add the ability to create alternate equivalent names for types, in order to enable gradual code repair during codebase refactoring. This article explains the need for that ability and the implications of not having it for today’s large Go codebases. This article also examines some potential solutions, including the alias feature proposed during the development of (but not included in) Go 1.8. However, this article is not a proposal of any specific solution. Instead, it is intended as the start of a discussion by the Go community about what solution should be included in Go 1.9.

This article is an extended version of a talk given at GothamGo in New York on November 18, 2016.

Go’s goal is to make it easy to build software that scales. There are two kinds of scale that we care about. One kind of scale is the size of the systems that you can build with Go, meaning how easy it is to use large numbers of computers, process large amounts of data, and so on. That’s an important focus for Go but not for this article. Instead, this article focuses on another kind of scale, the size of Go programs, meaning how easy it is to work in large codebases with large numbers of engineers making large numbers of changes independently.

One such codebase is Google’s single repository that nearly all engineers work in on a daily basis. As of January 2015, that repository was seeing 40,000 commits per day across 9 million source files and 2 billion lines of code. Of course, there is more in the repository than just Go code.

Another large codebase is the set of all the open source Go code that people have made available on GitHub and other code hosting sites. You might think of this as go get ’s codebase. In contrast to Google’s codebase, go get ’s codebase is completely decentralized, so it’s more difficult to get exact numbers. In November 2016, there were 140,000 packages known to , and over 160,000 GitHub repos written in Go .

Supporting software development at this scale was in our minds from the very beginning of Go. We paid a lot of attention to implementing imports efficiently. We made sure that it was difficult to import code but forget to use it, to avoid code bloat. We made sure that there weren’t unnecessary dependencies between packages, both to simplify programs and to make it easier to test and refactor them. For more detail about these considerations, see Rob Pike’s 2012 article “ Go at Google: Language Design in the Service of Software Engineering .”

Over the past few years we’ve come to realize that there’s more that can and should be done to make it easier to refactor whole codebases, especially at the broad package structure level, to help Go scale to ever-larger programs.

Revolution Foods offers nutritious, quality food that kids love, designed specifically to support school meal programs. We believe that everyone deserves access to good food, and we’re committed to working with our partners to deliver quality at an affordable price. After all, growing healthy minds begins with fueling healthy bodies.

we’re different. that’s good.

Clean label ingredients, food you can trust, and a partner to support you every step of the way.Ready to partner with us? Let's connect.

quality ingredients

We focus on fresh, clean label ingredients with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables. No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Just the best ingredients, guaranteed.

We have built a best-in-class, high quality supply chain combining the best national brands with specialized local producers. The result: great food at a competitive price.

Kid-inspired, chef-crafted. our menu focuses on foods kids love to eat. All of our meals exceed nutrition standards set by the USDA Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act.

Our meals are prepared by hand at our culinary centers nationwide and delivered fresh daily to our partners.

For the past decade, we’ve been the leading provider of great food and great partnership for charter schools across the nation. We offer a wide range of freshly-prepared breakfast, lunch, snack, and supper options with guaranteed audit support. From family style toindividually packaged meals to on-site servers,we work together to build a custom plan to support your needs 100%.

learn more and see our menus

We support school districts with compliant, turnkey solutions through our unitized breakfast and supper products. We seek insight from Food Service Directors across the country and partner with them to design solutions that really work. learn more and see our menus

Working with after school programs, food banks, and Child Adult Food Care Program sponsors across the country, Revolution Foods helps ensure that your youth have the fuel they need to get through the afternoon. From unitized slider kits to hot suppers, we offer a range of supper platforms to support your unique program needs.

learn more and see our menus

our partners

We work with over 1500 schools and outside school programs across the country. Here are just a few of them:

"Revolution Foods has been a true partner to our scholars, teachers, and our school operations teams. We are grateful for their products and service and encourage all schools seeking to provide healthy food to their students to partners with Revolution Foods." -
"Not only are we getting such high quality food, but our partnership with Revolution Foods has also made it possible for our district to quickly scale up programs such as Breakfast in the Classroom, Grab N Go Breakfast, and Supper."
-Director of Food and Nutrition Services, San Francisco Unified School District

Find State and Local Adaptation Plans The Georgetown Climate Center tracks progress states are making in implementing their adaptation plans and provides quick access to local plans in every state on their main website.

View Map

The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) 2010 Local Hazard Mitigation Plan is hosted on a comprehensive website which includes other information regarding local hazard mitigation planning, interactive maps showing areas at risk due to events such as flooding, wildfire, and landslides (based on historic data), and strategic priorities and actions submitted by individual agencies participating in the Mitigation Plan. The Plan itself identifies natural hazards with the greatest impact to the Bay Area including climate change, flooding, landslides, wildfires and drought. The role that climate change plays in increasing the frequency and intensity of these hazards is discussed.

Specific chapters of the plan address infrastructure (including transportation), health care, housing, economy, government, schools and education, environment and land use. For each of these sectors, the chapter includes various strategies to address earthquake, flooding, wildfire, landslide, tsunamis, hazardous materials release and dam failure. Additionally, the chapters outline regional priorities for these strategies.

The Federal Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA 2000) outlines a process which cities, counties, and special districts can follow to develop a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan. Development of this plan is a requirement for certain benefits from CalEMA and FEMA. To assist local governments in meeting this requirement, ABAG is the lead agency on the multi-jurisdictional Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (MJ-LHMP) for the San Francisco Bay Area. Cities and counties can adopt and use all or part of this multi-jurisdictional plan in lieu of preparing all or part of a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan themselves. However, they need to have participated in the development of the multi-jurisdictional plan to adopt it. The plan was originally adopted in 2005. The 2010 plan has been adopted by ABAG and local jurisdictions are in the process of updating their annexes.

Publication Date: 2010

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Organize a Hackathon
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How do you throw a truly epic hackathon? In this post, we’re going to walk you through some of the things that helped make one of the MLH team’s favorite new events, BoilerMake, a huge success.

If you’re not already familiar with it, Boemos Lace Up Shoes Tan x4TAa
is Purdue University’s hackathon. They threw their first event this past Spring season and they have another event coming up in the Fall. Luke Walsh is a member of BoilerMake’s UX Committee and the official MC.

0. Get the basics right

Generally speaking, there are 5 things you need to organize a hackathon – a venue, food, power, wifi, and people. Getting those things right is core to having a successful event.

BoilerMake spent $5,000 improving the venue’s wifi and brought in their school’s IT department to help design the hardware layout.

Pro-tip. You should always lean toward having extra food and you should have an emergency budget in case you run out. More than one hackathon has been saved by a 2am Costco run.


Pro-tip. Work with a local homeless shelter to donate any leftovers. They’ll probably even send people to pick it up!

Throwing the largest possible hackathon has become a badge of honor among hackathon organizers. Even though they could have easily housed all 900 applicants, the BoilerMake organizers decided to cap the event at 400 (which was the capacity of the main gym).

You don’t have to throw the world’s largest hackathon to have a great event. Usually, limiting the size allows you to focus on a higher quality experience for both attendees and sponsors.

Pro-tip. You should always opt for a single large room over a bunch of smaller rooms for hacking space. As a hacker, it’s really easy to call it quits when you get stuck if you’re off by yourself in a random side-room. Being in a huge room with everyone else is an extremely powerful motivational and inspirational factor.

Another thing the BoilerMake organizers did well was positioning the sponsor tables next to the hackers. Having the mentors literally next to the hackers makes it really easy for people to ask them for help and for the sponsors to feel as if they are part of the event.

Charter buses are becoming an increasingly popular method of getting attendees to hackathons. Traditional travel reimbursements can cost up to $200 per attendee, but chartering a 56 passenger bus brings the cost down to around $50 (if you fill every seat).

Knowing this, it’s really easy to go overboard and target schools that are far away. Keep bus trips short and only target schools that are within a 6 hour driving distance from your event. BoilerMake easily filled 7 charter buses from regional schools alone (UIUC, Rose-Hulman, University of Chicago, Ohio State, UW-Madison, Michigan, Iowa).

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